The story

The MillMetrics story begins early 2017 when Timo Mustonen and Ilkka Mustonen, close friends since high-school, met and realized they would make quite a team for a project to bring new life to an almost forgotten invention. Duo invited another friend, Pekka Komulainen, to join the effort. Pekka is paper-making guru and one of the original inventors of the first task in hand and therefore a perfect addition to the team. His role is to act as a mentor and to make sure the other two kept their feet on the ground. Anyway, soon this modernised invention turned out to be a starting point and catalyst for a larger idea of modern, cloud-based QC data platform.

Shaking the tradition

In response, the team created a new web-based platform that brought open, fresh and modern touch to web industry quality control systems. It was soon proved that many of the QC activities in closed QC data environment can reliably be done in this cloud based, cost-effective platform to gain mobility, access, visibility and overall ease of use of QC data. These are features that have long been in demand in web industries from paper to plastics, nonwovens to specialty films.


With MillMterics mills, converters and end-users in web industry get more done. MillMetrics makes it fast, reliable and cost-effective to find, share and work with the QC data anywhere, anytime.

MillMetrics vision

To connect makers and QC data with great freedom and flexibility.